• What is Palmex?

    Palmex is the first professional digital assets exchange in MENA, that offers advance trading tools, multiple cryptocurrency pairs, rigorous security measures and low trading fees.

    Palmex is a product of Arabianchain Technology FZCO a UAE based venture that is enabling today’s blockchain innovation in order to unlock the potential of tomorrow’s economy. Palmex has an edge over competition in MENA as it’s founded by ArabianChain Technology the developer of the first public and decentralized blockchain in the region that’s fueled by DubaiCoin DBIX the first decentralized minable and tradable Crypto Currency in Arabia.

  • How to create an account and start trading?

    You can start by clicking on this link and click on register and fill out the information required from you and then you can create your wallets , receive your coins and start trading.

    Note: Please read the terms and conditions carefully before completing your registration

  • What are Palmex Services?

    Once the registration is completed, you can directly start depositing and then trading several coins through several pairs such as DBIX, Bitcoin , Ethereum , Ripple and many other currencies in the platform with the highest security standards and minimal trading fees.

  • Are there any fees for registration, deposit, withdrawal and trading?

    There are no fees for registration at Palmex, but there are small competitive fees for deposit, withdrawal and trading. To view these fees please visit the Fees link on the home page.

  • What about the Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs)?

    With a state-of-the-art APIs for individuals and organizations, everyone will have the flexibility to automate many tasks and needs while being fully protected by a decentralized security system that maintains the confidentiality of private keys and cold management methods.

  • What about the use of the platform and the end user support?

    We have designed Palmex platform in a way that suits your needs with a simple interface that is easy to use and understand for new traders and at the same time does not neglect professional traders and their need for effective analytical tools.

    The technical support team will be at your service around the clock to ensure that your investment experience is not hindered by any obstacles.

  • When are any withdrawals/deposits transactions processed?

    This depends on each network verification time.

  • If I have a problem, who do I contact?

    Our support team can be reached on support@palmex.co, or after you log in, on the main menu click on support button and then create a ticket after choosing the ticket type.

  • How do I deposit funds (fiat currencies)?

    Fiat currencies are not available at the moment. The full process will be shared upon their availability.

  • How does Palmex secure my digital currencies wallets?

    We have a decentralized approach to security where security is managed by multiple isolated teams along that we maintain both hot wallets and cold wallets to balance usability and security for all the currencies and assets on our platform.

  • Is there any extra level Plamex provide to protect their users?

    Yes, we apply various measures such as but not limited to, Email verifications, 2 factor authentication and withdrawal confirmations for all transactions going out of the system.

  • How do I increase my trading limit?

    To have the full advantage of our services and be able to trade with our maximum limit, users have to verify their accounts by providing all required information and any supporting documentations.

  • How can I verify my account?

    After creating the account, our users can go to the main user page and click on Dashboard button to start filling all fields and upload the supporting documentations.

  • How much time required to have my account verified?

    No specific time can be guaranteed but it usually takes our compliance department up to 20 business days to go through all provided information and supporting documentation before notifying the user of the final decision.

  • What are the forms of Proof of Residence do Palmex accept?

    • Mobile phone contracts
    • Insurance contracts
    • Downloadable e-statement utility bill
    • Insurance statement
    • Rental property agreement
  • What is the 2FA feature?

    It’s another level of security all Palmex can have to secure the user account and make sure all user’s information/ data are safe.

  • How do I enable 2FA?

    Once you register as a new user , you can go to the profile settings and enable the 2FA.

  • Can I use my Palmex account to participate in ICOs?

    This will be determined later.